Notes on bergamot.

The presence of Bergamot in Calabria would have been ascertained between the 14th and 16th centuries, and the first " bergamotteto " would have been planted around 1750. It probably derives from a cross between bitter orange and acid lime also if you do not miss those who consider it a true species, calling it Citrus bergamia Risso (of Chinese origin).
Calabria is the world's largest bergamot producer. In fact, 90% of the total production comes from this region. The essential oils of bergamot, by virtue of their extraordinary fragrance, are used in the industrial production of perfumes, sweets and liqueurs. This essence, thanks to its freshness, represents the basic element for the production of numerous cologne and cosmetics.
It appears as a tree of modest vigor, with variable vegetative habitus and with branches in which rudimentary thorns are rarely found in the armpit of the leaf. The flowers, numerous and white, very fragrant, with five petals, can be both axillary and terminal, mostly grouped together and are hermaphroditic. The fruit is similar to an orange, but from green to yellow, depending on ripeness, it has a thin and smooth skin and a weight ranging from 80 to 200 grams. The peel is very rich in essential oils. The pulp, divided into 12-15 segments, provides a very acid and bitter juice. The seeds, in limited numbers, are monoembryonic.
The bergamot is grown in the area of ​​Roccella Jonica and Gioiosa Jonica and in the surroundings of Brancaleone, Bruzzano Zeffirio, Capo Spartivento (Bova and Melito Porto Salvo) and in most of the lower Ionian-Reggino localities.
The essential oil of bergamot is essential in the perfume industry where it is used not only to fix the aromatic bouquet of perfumes, but also to harmonize the other essences contained enhancing the notes of freshness and fragrance. The essence is also used in the pharmaceutical industry (for its antiseptic and antibacterial power, in dentistry, gynecology, etc.) and in the food and confectionery industry as a flavoring for liqueurs, sweets and drinks. In 2001 it obtained the DOP.
recognition The Consortium of Reggio Calabria bergamot today brings together most of the producers: it deals with the promotion, protection and enhancement of the bergamot of Calabria. And we too, in the small of our company, try to enhance this still too unknown citrus fruit. using in all its purity the BERGAMOTTO , the gold of Calabria.


The tasty bergamot drink is the last precious novelty of our company.
Fruit of the inventiveness and passion for bergamot by Antonino, one of the Autelitano brothers, owners of the company, who wanted to make all the freshness of this exclusive citrus appreciate to an ever wider public.
Recalling the taste of bergamot drinks, made sparkling by a hint of bicarbonate, which grandparents prepared in the sunny days of August.
Antonino has created a cool, thirst-quenching and digestive drink with real bergamot juice.
Bergotto the prize won as the best new drink at VINITALY 2011 in Verona.

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